Hero Name : Alexander

Country : UIC

Story : 

He was an football legend star who won the MVP award for 5 years in a row. Also known as the Godly Physique, Alexander boasted exceptional strength, stamina, and speed. There was no other player like him, and there wouldn't be for a long time.   

Alexander grew up in an orphanage. He didn't go astray like most of other children who lost their parents in the war and grew up into gang members or thieves. It was mostly because the director of the orphanage took good care of him and all the other orphans under his charge.   

Not wanting to disappoint the director and his friends at the orphanage, Alexander decided to put his best asset, his strength, to good use by playing football. He showed his talent early on and went pro. He even won the Rookie of the Year award. Football fans loved him, and the best-known sports companies competed to sponsor him.   

His fans didn't love him just for his football skills—they also loved him because he was a good man. He donated lots of money for the welfare of orphans. But after DEX TV bought off all the broadcasting rights of football games, Alex was quickly forgotten, and so was the sport.   

The Iron League was the new obsession for sports fans now. Even his fans wanted to see him in the league. They thought a man with his physique had a good chance of winning. Plus, if he won, he could donate more money for the children that he'd supported.   

Alexander had achieved everything he could as a football star, and was looking for a new opportunity like the Iron League. After winning that year's football league, Alex announced his temporary retirement. It was disappointing to the football fans, but they supported his decision. They couldn't refuse to support such a great man, anyway.   

Two years later, Alexander showed up at the Iron League coliseum, looking more gallant than ever. The whole audience held its breath, curious to know what kind of training he'd taken during his hiatus and how much stronger he was now.   

"Tackle me if you can!" 


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