Hero Name : Alpha

Country : UIC

Story : 

A charismatic military commander and hero of the Continental War. He was also an exceptional diplomat. He was instrumental in uniting the three states—Tornante, U.I.C., and Borak—against Gumpert.   

Gumpert, feeling threatened by their union, proposed a truce to U.I.C. first. Arthur instantly became the center of attention in and out of his country. The media loved him, and so did his people. They even elected him as their president.   

As Arthur grew in popularity across the Asteria Continent, the other states became wary of him. But Arthur wasn't the only one they needed to be careful about. Arthur first met Jacques at the meeting to discuss a truce in the Continental War, and saw that he was not like the other leaders of Gumpert. While the others were warlike and inflexible, Jacques was coolheaded and cunning. The truce negotiation ended in favor of Gumpert, and it was all thanks to its representative.   

After that day, Arthur kept a watchful eye on Jacques. Jacques hosted the Iron League, and then decided to join it himself for the second round. Feeling that someone must keep him in check, Arthur decided to join the league too, wearing a movie hero mask and calling himself Alpha to deceive his rival. 


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