Hero Name : Arian

Country : Shankrina

Story : 

In Sankrina there existed many martial art sects that each boasted a long history. They usually kept away from civilization and trained in the wild, but they each owned peculiar and rare treasures that were handed down through the generations.   

Arian was a treasure hunter who never failed to get what she wanted. She wasn't in it for the money—she was in it for the thrill of stealing. She was the best treasure hunter there was. She could steal without ever getting caught, but sometimes she let herself get caught on purpose.   

People who had something to protect get desperate, and desperate people often demonstrate strength that they didn't know they had. They made good sparring partners for her. Arian grew stronger through fighting those who wanted to protect their treasures from her. Soon her name became known in and out of Sankrina and reached everywhere across Asteria.   

Then, Rouis at the McClean Research Center in U.I.C. contacted her for a secret request: he wanted the Lightning Sword that was in the possession of the reclusive swordsman Reishen. Reishen's Lightning Sword was originally used by Swordmaster ShinYu, and the wind that it shoots is so powerful that it's the stuff of legend. Rouis wanted to study the sword and make its amazing power his.   

The prospect of fighting Reishen piqued Arian's interest. She knew he would rather die than lose his sword, and that thrilled her. She searched for him everywhere, and found out that Reishen had left Sankrina. She didn't want to break her record of not ever losing her quarry, or miss out on the chance to steal from someone so strong. So she continued to chase Reishen.   

"This place'll be your grave." 


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