Hero Name : Ax

Country : Chaos

Story : 

He was called Ax because everything about him was veiled in secrecy.   

Ax first revealed his existence during the conference that was held to discuss the opening of the second League. He subdued everyone at the conference hall with his superhuman strength. While the representatives of each state watched in horror, he declared that he would no longer tolerate Humans invading his world on the other side of the Unknown Rift.   

Since U.I.C. stumbled upon his world, nothing but tragedies befell his kind. Tornante forced its religion onto them and Gumpert butchered them. This sudden, violent reaction from the seemingly passive world surprised the representatives of the Human states, but not Gumpert's and Tornante's, who thought the other world was beneath them.   

U.I.C.'s representative thought differently. After all, who knew what kind of potential the other world had? U.I.C. needed the natives' cooperation in their world's development.   

The U.I.C. representative suggested that Ax should join the Iron League. He said that, if the Wanderers won the league, his country would see that none of the three Human states would attack the Unknown Rift until the next league.   

Gumpert and Tornante didn't waste time to join U.I.C. on this. They needed an excuse to have their way with the Unknown Rift. But what they offered was unfair to Ax's world. Its peace was only guaranteed until the next league, and that was only if his team won. But his world was still recuperating from the invasion of Gumpert, and that left Ax with only one choice.   

Ax accepted the proposition and disappeared just as quickly as he appeared, leaving the representatives of the three Human states warier of the Wanderers than ever.   

"What you see is not everything." 


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