Hero Name : Baku

Country : Shankrina

Story : 

The only one who has a chance at beating Wanyu's direct descendant, XiangYu, in the contest for the leadership of the Shaos.   

Baku was a son of a practitioner with the lowest rank who carried out chores for the Shao family. Though he was born a weak, lowly Shao, he quickly rose through the ranks and became the second in line to the leadership of the family thanks to his excruciating efforts along with his talent in fighting.   

Everyone hated him for his arrogant nature, but none of them could argue about his exceptional strength. His only remaining competitor was XiangYu. Once he beat him, Baku could be the leader of the Shaos.   

He'd been biding his time to take out his rival when he heard XiangYu went to join the Iron League. This was the opportunity he'd wanted. Baku at once left Sankrina for Asteria. It was as if the Iron League was created just for Baku. He could kill XiangYu without rousing objections from the other family members, and he could also display his strength to the rest of the world.   

Around that time, DEX TV held an event prior to the second Iron League, in which anyone could challenge the contenders of the previous Iron League to a match. Baku entered the event and wiped the floor with his opponent, surprising the audience that didn't expect him to win.   

Everyone who watched the match on DEX TV became interested in this monstrous man named Baku from Sankrina.   

"I'll skin you alive and pick your meat from the bones!" 


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