Hero Name : Bianka

Country : UIC

Story : 

Graduating the U.I.C.. Police Academy at the top of her class had opened many doors for her, but she chose to join the traffic police to follow in her father's footsteps.   

But her extraordinary beauty got in her way. Not only did male drivers slow down and make passes at her, but they also caused accidents on purpose to draw her attention. The police couldn't find a reason to fire Bianka, so it moved her to a different department, the infamous International Police.   

Bianka's assignment was to keep an eye on Iblis, a Tornante priestess who made an attempt on Bize's life, and protect Bize at the same time. To accomplish her mission, Bianka first had to be qualified for the Iron League, and that required taking the Iron Gear training course that pushed past every human limit. It was believed that only those chosen by the ultimate God Ast could finish the training course and become Ironsides.   

Her superiors expected her to fail her assignment and leave the police, but she was better than any one of them thought. She completed all the training programs at the Iron Gear at the top of her class, proving she was an Ironside.   

This unexpected turn of events caused confusion among her superiors, unbeknown to Bianka, who promised herself that she would fulfill her duty as Ironside.   

"No way out for you. You're under arrest." 


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