Hero Name : Bigman

Country : UIC

Story : 

The champion's days of glory came to an abrupt end when JackR showed up. Not only did he lose the match, but he was also forced to crawl between Jack's legs.   

Big Man's fans were so ashamed of him that they turned their backs on him. He escaped death by a hair's breadth, but still he couldn't forgive himself for his cowardliness.   

He left Borak for U.I.C. in a hurry. In the new country, he didn't know what else to do to make a living, so he entered professional wrestling and took on a villainous role. He used his old nickname Big Man, as it was the last ounce of pride left in him, but no one thought he was the same Big Man who once ruled Borak's Arena. He was just a villain who fought dirty and got beaten by the heroic player in the end.   

One day, he was watching TV when he saw the one face that he could never forget on the screen: JackR. He was announcing his intention to join the second Iron League as a member of the Tornante team. Seeing Jack reminded Big Man of the mocking laughter that reverberated throughout the Arena on that fateful day. He anguished for a while, and then decided that he didn't want to run anymore, that he wanted his old glory back.  

He put on the mask he wore at the Arena and stormed out of the waiting room.   

"I won't fail myself again!" 


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