Hero Name : Bize

Country : Tornante

Story : 

Bize was a gifted musician. She wrote songs to help people forget the ravages of the prolonged war.   

Her album and its theme song, Peace of Mind, became so popular that some of her fans even wrote lyrics to sing along to her songs.   

Bize didn't know that her songs would one day become her downfall. It all began when some citizens of U.I.C. added lyrics that criticized Tornante's only god, Ast, to her songs. The news quickly spread across Tornante, and soon she became a target of the fervent followers of the god who believed she wrote the blasphemous lyrics herself.   

Iblis from the Priests of God made an attempt on Bize's life. She survived, but suffered severe injuries to her lower body.   

The people of U.I.C. rose in protest, creating a tension between the two states. The situation was escalating into a war. The two governments intervened and found out that the assassination attempt was all but a misunderstanding. Tornante sent envoys to personally apologize to Bize, putting an end to the international scandal.   

Bize was in despair, having lost mobility in her legs, but the mobile organ Rouis made for her put some semblance of normalcy back into her life. This organ also had a built-in device to help restore the feeling to her paralyzed legs.   

Her body was healing, but her scarred mind wasn't. She no longer smiled the beautiful smile she was known for. Now her face was set in a permanent scowl.   

"Don't you think it's too late to ask for forgiveness?" 


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