Hero Name : Blaze

Country : Gumpert

Story : 

Also known as the Flame Man, Blaze commands one of the biggest gangs in Borak that consists of Ironsides.   

Borak is plagued with a gang culture because of its unstable social structure. Gangs are the most well-organized forces of the country. They even fought the Continental Wars on their country's behalf.  The problem was that these gangs didn't get along.   

Blaze dreamed of uniting all the gangs into an army as big as Gumpert's one day.   

When Kampe first approached him, Blaze said that he wanted to train the gang members into a special forces unit and command them as their captain. Kampe accepted Blaze's proposition and took him to Gumpert. 

Kampe's superiors in the Army weren't happy to have Blaze or his gang. Even though his men were seasoned combatants, they weren't trained soldiers—they were thugs.   

Kampe suggested to Blaze that they should join and win the Iron League to impress the Gumpert Army. Blaze agreed with Kampe, so he accepted his suggestion. 


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