Hero Name : Boating

Country : Gumpert

Story : 

A deadly combat robot created by Gumpert's military research center.   

It proved its ability for mass destruction during a performance test, which resulted in the countless deaths of Wanderers. However, it also showed a critical error: an inability to distinguish friend from foe.   

Boatang slew its makers and Wanders alike, until Weretiger Chief Liger intervened. The military research center tried to resolve the error, but in vain. At last, Boatang was left in an underground storage in the depths of the research center.   

When Kampe learned about Boatang, he threatened one of its developers into updating its command protocol, so that he could control it. But the update didn't give him full control because of the instability of the robot's system. The new commands, mixed with the existing command protocol, caused the robot to react violently to external commands.   

And the robot was developing its own will. At some point, Boatang started contemplating the validity of a command before it executed it, and even Kampe couldn't predict its actions. He wasn't happy with this situation, but he had no other choice. Hoping for the best, he left with Boatang for the Ast Temple, where the Iron League would take place. 


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