Hero Name : Caren

Country : UIC

Story : 

Caren was scientifically talented since she was born. She was still young when she inherited her father's scientific enterprise after his death. It was she who had developed the Magnetic Storm Neutralizer, discovered the Unknown Rift, and named those who came from the other side of the rift as the Wanderers.   

She was investigating the Unknown Rift when she heard that her younger cousin Bize was attacked by Tornante's Priests of God and received severe injuries to her legs. She wanted to help Bize, but Rouis beat her to it by developing a mobile organ with a built-in device to help her walk again. Rouis also equipped this organ with a sound wave-based weapon for self-defense purposes.   

Rouis was a former defense industry spy. He negotiated with the U.I.C. government to become naturalized and get a job at Caren's research center. There was little wonder why Caren didn't trust him. But what Rouis had done for Bize slowly changed her mind about him. Everyone else kept their distance from her because she was too beautiful, too smart, and their boss, but Rouis was different.   

She was a perfectionist, and yet she was charmed by Rouis's carefree attitude. She even trusted him with her research center while she was away, investigating the Unknown Rift. She was confused about her feelings toward Rouis. She wasn't experienced enough to understand the whirling emotions inside her.  

She returned from her expedition and learned about Rouis's betrayal, which tore her heart into a thousand pieces. The love that once warmed her heart quickly turned into icy hatred.   

"Scientific advancements are the advancements of the world itself." 


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