Hero Name : DR

Country : UIC

Story : 

He was born with green skin. He still doesn't know what has caused his unusual skin color, but it doesn't matter. What matters is that he's been treated differently because of it, and his country U.I.C. is known to be fairer to everyone than any of the other states.   

The only friend he had growing up was music. It gave him strength and helped him forget the pain. DR was especially interested in hip-hop. He wrote songs and created his own rhythms. At first, he just liked to create music, but soon he was depressed since that he had no one to play his music for.    

DR accidentally got a chance to deejay at a club. The clubbers found his unusual skin color cool and fashionable, and the club owner thought he was a great attraction for his club. People loved his deejaying skills and his songs. Every time he deejayed, DR poured his heart in it.    

Then, he discovered he had a special gift: when he deejays, his emotions were transmitted to his audience in the form of sound waves. When he's happy, his music generates uplifting sound waves. When he's angry, the sound waves he creates become aggressive.    

But whatever his emotions, his audience always goes wild over his music. DR wanted to give his audience a passionate, unforgettable night, and thought the perfect stage would be the Iron League coliseum.    

"Tired already? I haven't even started yet."


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