Hero Name : Draga

Country : Chaos

Story : 

Dragons ruled Asteria before mankind emerged. But mankind grew so rapidly that dragons fell behind and eventually went extinct. They couldn't breed as quickly as Man did; they could only lay eggs once every few centuries.   

Humans also hunted dragons for their horns, skin, and scales that were harder than any metal known to them and more valuable than anything else under the sky. Fighting dragons was dangerous, but their value was worth risking one's life.   

Draga survived only because he was born in the deepest part of the world beyond the Unknown Rift. Only a hundred years old, which made him a dragon baby, he was ignorant of the deceit in the world and always full of curiosity.   

After he saw a human for the first time, he followed him to the exploration ship. That was the first time the Tornante Missionary Team met the Wanderer Draga. Draga, so happy to finally meet someone else, wanted to play with the members, but what he thought was play was disaster to his playmates. He may be young, but he was a dragon; his playful flapping of the wings caused a gale, and his casual tapping of the tail cleaved the ground.   

The Missionary Team selected some people who could handle Draga, and they were the Ironsides Meina and Vella. After making friends with Draga, they took him to Tornante. They wanted to show him their culture and religion, and Draga was ready to see the Human world. 


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