Hero Name : Duhait

Country : Shankrina

Story : 

In contrast to Southern Asteria where the religion of Sun God Ast was spread, Northern Asteria had their own ways to achieve spiritual enlightenment. While some clans mastered their traditional art of combat, others seeked the discipline of inner souls through meditation and study of ancient spells.  

The relationship between the martial artists and the spellcasters were very unstable. On the surface they were cooperative. However, the two factions always competed and sometimes even blindly criticized each other for ignorance of the so-called "true path of enlightenment". The intensity of the conflict escalated to a whole new level when the drunk students of the two clans brawled in the small inn. Both sides of Sankrinians took such an insignificant fight too personally. The tension reached its climax when the clan leaders agreed to have a duel to decide which side was stronger.  

In their combat, Makundi the Grand spellcaster took absolute superiority. However, the final winner was not him. Wulin, the Grand martial artist of Xiao Clan, instantly killed Makundi with a critical blow at the end. Wulin had no intention to kill the leader of the casters, but he did anyway. And this was a sufficient reason for Duhait, the only son of Makundi, to hate the martial artists. They discraced the caster clan. Most of all, they killed his father. Duhait trained day and night to become a worthy successor of his father. After many years, he was accepted by the clan's elders as the next Grand spellcaster.  

Duhait and was waiting for his time to rightfully avenge his father's death. It was not possible to openly wage war since it was not the Sankrinian way. And his waiting was rewarded when the news of the 2nd Iron League came from Southern Asteria. The spellcasters were particulary excited with the fact that the two heirs of the Xiao Clan, XiangYu and Baku, were planning to join the League. Duhait assembled a party of competent spellcasters and headed South. It was such a shame that Wulin himself was not coming to the League since he was too old. But Duhait decided that beating XiangYu and Baku utterly would be enough to restore honor of Makundi and the spellcaster clan.  

"My true power lies within my spirit!" 


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