Hero Name : Gareth

Country : UIC

Story :

Arthur (Alpha)'s greatest treasure that he'd received from one of his patrons.   

Nothing—except that it was made thousands of years ago—is known about this mysterious device that has been running on its own without needing any fuel.   

Gareth wasn't the first ancient robot that was discovered. There was another before it, and the U.I.C. government commissioned the McClean corporation to figure out its operation mechanism. Caren disassembled and studied it personally, but in vain. Now Gareth was the only robot left intact, and no one knows who made it or what it's for.   

One day Arthur left Gareth alone at home to take care of some important business. The robot was watching DEX TV when he saw Alpha, a contender in the Iron League. The robot instantly matched Alpha's voice and behavioral patterns to its master Arthur's.   

Gareth acknowledged that Arthur was surrounded by the strongest and most dangerous Ironsides. Its master was strong, but even he couldn't take on all the contenders by himself. Gareth instantly flew to the Iron League coliseum to protect him.   

"Ready to deploy! Ready to deploy!"


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