Hero Name : Hail

Country : Gumpert

Story : He was a false war hero created by the army to motivate the other soldiers.   

He did make some contributions in the Continental War, but what he did wasn't much more impressive than any other soldier. But then the army gave him the credit for a fallen enemy camp and made him out as a war legend who quickly rose through the ranks.  

Because the citizens of Gumpert were limited by their social standing, being able to move upward on the social ladder was a great motivation to the soldiers.   

Hail, who fought alongside them only a while ago, was now their commanding officer. Everyone fought harder than before, determined to change their fate as Hail did. 

Hail wasn't happy about this turn in his life. No, he felt the opposite. He was being used by the army to fool his comrades. Every day, he died a little on the inside, watching his comrades die fighting to become like him.   

He really wanted to become the hero that the army claimed he was. He fought on the front line, trying to prove himself. No other soldier loved his men and his country more than he did. No one else was as loyal to the army as he was.   

One day he was sitting in his tent, lost in thought, when he heard Commander Jacques's speech to encourage soldiers to join the Iron League. Listening to the speech, Hail silently wiped tears from his eyes. Finally, this was his chance to prove he was worthy of his legend.   

"I'll prove I'm worthy!" 


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