Hero Name : Hanold

Country : Gumpert

Story : 

Hanold was a veteran who once fought in the past Continental Wars.  

The old soldier's glory came to an end with the end of the war. Retired, Hanold's favorite pastime was to have a nice cup of beer at a bar and telling stories of his heroic exploits. His tales were so unrealistic that no one believed him. But Hanold didn't care. He kept talking about his "good old days" for whoever there was to hear.

What Hanold truly wanted was the respect for the elderly. He was once a hero, a vanguard of the proud Gumpertian military. Or at least he thought so. Therefore he firmly believed that he deserved some admiration. But younger generations did not agree. They didn't know much about the war, and to them the old man only looked like a silly braggart.   

One day, he happened to sit next to Yeri, the elite of the Gumpert Youth Corps. When Hanold was telling stories to his companions just like the other days, Yeri called him out on his bluffing. Of course, she was currently a soldier! All of this old man's fairytales sounded too bizarre. After a short quarrel, Yeri suggested Hanold a small competition to prove who is a better sapper: who can disassemble and reassemble the same gun faster?  

Hanold snorted at the little girl's challenge and accepted it. And he found out that it was a big mistake. He lost! The audience at the bar laughed at him. The worst one was Yeri who giggled and teased him so hard that Hanold had to leave the bar full of embarassment. But that doesn't mean that he was discouraged. To prove that he didn't lie about his achievements, he quit drinking and started training again. And after a while when he heard that Yeri joined the Gumpert's Iron League team, he packed up his gears for a new game.  

"Old Soldiers never die!" 


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