Hero Name : Holin

Country : Tornante

Story : 

A member of a pious family that has served the Pope for many generations.   

The Tornante Order was known for treating its members according to their piety instead of their birth. Holin was one of those who benefited from this system.   

At age seven, it was decided that he should take the training course to be charged with the protection the Pope. This training course was so harsh that even a grown man had a hard time, but the boy soldiered on and became really good at fighting in just a few years.  He was especially good at spearmanship. He was peerless on horseback with a lance in his hand.   

One day, a dangerous dark wolf showed up at the Tornante Order. When even well-trained knights failed to capture this wild beast, Holin stepped in and skewered it with his lance in the blink of an eye. His victory stirred up all of Tornante. He was barely sixteen at that time.   

Tornante, impressed by Holin's exceptional skills, appointed him to the Pope's escort team five years earlier than usual.   

Captain Solio of the escort team had been recruiting members for the Iron League team at the order of the Pope. He personally interviewed Holin and was pleasantly surprised that the boy was every bit as good a fighter as people said he was. Solio recruited Holin into his Iron League team, and together they won the first Iron League that Tornante had ever won. Holin was still a boy when this happened.   

The contenders of this year's Iron League are wary of Holin, who is now older and stronger than before.   

"I'll take the lead!" 


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