Hero Name : Iblis

Country : Tornante

Story : 

Iblis was the Grand Inquisitor of the inquisitor knight's order named "Priests of God". Delivering the God's message only with her zeal and her greatsword "Lux Astora", Iblis showed no mercy to those whom she branded as heretics.  

The Grand Inquisitor firmly believed that her violent purge against heretics was a sacred journey to fulfill her spiritual perfection. However, in fact, she was perceived as a serious threat to the Church. Already notorious for not going through any proper process of trial to execute people, the Priests of Gods were directly denigrating the Pope's reputation as a peaceful pastor. Other prominent church figures such as Solio of the Papal Guards and Meina the Arch-priestess also criticized Iblis's recklessness.  

As many expected, the inquisitors continued their deeds only to lead to their doom. Their attempt to assassinate Bize backfired as a critical blow to the diplomatic status of Tornante. Worst of all, Bize was not only a renowned musician but also the sister of Caren, the chairwoman of the McClean Industry Group. The Priests of God deeply upset the leader of the company openly cooperating with the U.I.C. government in social infrastructure and military industry.  

U.I.C. could call out for war against Tornante anytime. The Church could appease U.I.C.'s rage only after the Pope sent the letter of apology to the President of U.l.C and Caren, disbanded the inquisitor knights, and excommunicated Iblis. The former Grand Inquisitor and the Arch-priestess was now at the verge of her disastrous downfall. That was when the Arch-bishop Paulos, the most powerful authority of the Church beside the Pope, approached to Iblis.  

"I am more than willing to reinstate and support the Priests of God. I want you to be my knight, Lady Iblis. I want you to win the upcoming Iron League. If you succeed, I may be able to ask the Pope to repeal your excommunication."  

Paulos's offer was irrefusable for Iblis. She had to finish her "Sacred Journey". Waiting for the moment to eliminate Solio and Meina who strongly supported her excommunication the most, Iblis joined the Iron League with her inquisitor knights. However, she was too blindfolded to even imagine who her true enemy was.  

"May Ast be with you. Always." 


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