Hero Name : JackR

Country : Tornante

Story : 

While other countries trained their Ironsides at the Iron Gear, Borak trained its Ironsides at an arena. Borak's arena was filled with formidable fighters, and JackR was the only one among them who was never beaten. Even the former champion Big Man went down without even leaving a scratch on him.   

When Borak fell, the arena was shut down and JackR disappeared. Iblis looked for him, wanting to bring him in the Priests of God. She was sure that she could. After all, he loved violence more than anything.   

The Priests of God needed strong Ironsides like him. Finding him was difficult, but at last Iblis met JackR and offered him a place in the Priests of God. The first thing he asked was if he could use violence in a legal capacity. It was just like Iblis expected. She told him that he could punish anyone who does not believe in the ultimate God Ast. He agreed to join the Priests of God, so he could fight with wild abandon like he once did at the arena.  

 When he reentered the world as a Priest of God, those who had seen him fighting at Borak's arena trembled with fear.  

"Don't take this personal. Everyone's got to die sometime." 


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