Hero Name : Jacques

Country : Gumpert

Story : 

Jacques had received a top-level education, just like other children of the highborn families of Gumpert, a country that categorized its citizens by their birth. Smart and well-educated, Jacques grew up into a leader of Gumpert.   

He first shone during the Fifteenth Continental War. When U.I.C., Tornante, and Borak launched a joint attack on Gumpert, Jacques instigated internal divisions within Borak and orchestrated a civil war among its gangs, sending the country into anarchy. The war began under conditions unfavorable for Gumpert, but that changed after Borak fell. Jacques then succeeded with the truce negotiation, helping his country turn the tables on its enemies.   

Having proved his military prowess time after time, Jacques was at last appointed as the commander-in-chief of the Gumpert Army. The first thing he did as commander-in-chief was ensure internal stability. He solved internal political issues that arose following Borak's fall. To put an end to the country's chaotic situation, he came up with an idea: the Iron League. Only Jacques could come up with such a brilliant idea to divert the attention of the media and people in and out of Gumpert.   

All countries accepted Gumpert's proposition, and the first Iron League was held in U.I.C. This tournament was also a great opportunity for Gumpert to showcase its superiority to the rest of the world. He was confident that his country would win the league.   

Everything was going as he planned, until something went wrong and Solio and his Tornante team won the league. Gumpert prided itself on being a military superpower, and losing the league championship was humiliating beyond measure. It couldn't afford to lose another league championship.   

Jacques encouraged the general populace to join the league. He also decided to join it himself. Before a commander, he was an Ironside, and he was the best Ironside under the sky.   

"Nothing is impossible for Gumpert!" 


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