Hero Name : Kampe

Country : Gumpert

Story : 

Kampe was born an elite, thanks to his father Schumit, who was the commander of the Gumpert Armies. Kampe was a high-ranking officer before he reached the age of twenty. He lost an arm and a leg in the

 Fourteenth Continental War, but his father used his military influence and got him mechanical prosthetics made with cutting-edge technology from the Gumpert Science Technology Center. Kampe then went on to render distinguished services in the Fifteenth Continental War.   

After the war, his family's circumstances went downhill. His father was persecuted by his political enemies, Kampe was demoted, and others took credit for all the services he rendered during the war. But he remained in the Army, refusing to give in to his harsh fate. Time passed. His father died of illness in prison. Kampe's superiors purposefully ignored him, excluding him from all promotions.   

Kampe was so desperate that he was having extreme thoughts when he saw Jacques on screen, encouraging the viewers to join the Iron League. Anyone who wins the league could become a general at once, a special treatment that was unheard of. It was a chance to reverse all the misfortune he suffered. Kampe decided to join this tournament.   

In case he could not win it by himself, he recruited partners: Blaze, the leader of a Borak gang, and Boatang, a combat robot. When everything was set, Kampe went to his father's grave and promised that he would win the tournament and restore the honor of his family.   

"For the honor of my family!" 


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