Hero Name : Kaplan

Country : Chaos

Story : 

He's the son of Chief Liger of the Weretigers, one of the most powerful tribes that lived on the other side of the Unknown Rift.  Of all the Wanderers, the Weretigers were the most fearless and warlike.   

It was they who fought bravely on the front line when the Gumpert Army invaded their land. But they fell like leaves in the face of the army's secret weapon, combat robots GPX-9s (aka Boatang).   

The battle quickly became a massacre when Gumpert lost control of these deadly robots. Weretiger Chief Liger was able to stop GPX-9s, but at the cost of his life. When this happened, Kaplan's grandfather had already taken his young grandson somewhere safe. Larc knew his son Liger would not survive the battle and that the future of the Weretigers depended on his grandson.   

Kaplan was kept from knowing the tragedy that happened to his family and his people. He only had good memories of his parents. Larc told Kaplan that he must master the Tiger Style if he wanted to go back home. That was the way of the Weretigers, he said. After years of painstaking training, Kaplan finally mastered the Tiger Style.   

When there was nothing left to teach him, Larc finally told him the truth: many Weretigers—including his father—died fighting the invading army of Gumpert. Stunned, Kaplan returned home and saw the ravages of the war. Many Weretigers were disabled. Many more were dead. Only a few Weretigers were left alive to welcome him back home. Kaplan felt his heart surge with anger and pain.   

He grabbed a rusty arm left behind a GPX-9, one of his father's killers, and squeezed it into dust. And he thought it was time to unite the remaining Weretigers and get revenge.   

"You better wish you'd died." 


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