Hero Name : Kip

Country : Tornante

Story : 

A member of the Karas Royal Family whose debauchery drove its country to ruin.    

He was still young when the capital city of Kargas was burned to the ground by Tornante. His servant Marco saved him, but not before his face was severely burned. Afterward, Kip lived with Marco's family. Marco had a daughter who was the same age as him. Her name was Arina, and she was a cute girl. They grew up like a real brother and sister.    

Tristan was a boy living next door, and his father was a general of Tornante. The three of them were together wherever they went. As they grew older, a strange tension developed between the two boys because of their love for Arina. Arina didn't say this, but she was in love with Tristan.   

Time passed, and they came of age. Tristan proposed marriage to Arina. Kip prayed that she would reject him, but the two became happily married. He couldn't accept this, and he believed Arina didn't choose him because of his burned face. Kip left town with great heartache, wearing a gloomy-looking mask.   

He ended up joining an anti-Tornante army consisting of Kargasians. Tornante kept sending out forces to subjugate these rebels. As he watched more of his comrades die every day, his hatred toward the country multiplied. It wasn't enough that Tornante destroyed his country and left him with an ugly scar—it also took away Arina, the love of his life. Kip's victim mentality reached the point of paranoia.  

When he heard Tristan became the captain of the Tornante Guard, he sneaked into his camp unprepared, and got soundly beaten. His impulse caused him grave injuries, and he went to see Arina one last time.   Arina welcomed him like she always did and nursed him back to health. Kip wanted to tell her badly that he loved her, but he knew it wouldn't change anything. She couldn't be his.   

It was then that the Priests of God visited the village, and Kip met Iblis by chance. Iblis immediately saw that something was amiss with Kip. When he confided in her, Iblis said,    

"One can't have everything. Desiring something that he shouldn't is a great sin."   

She encouraged him to give up his desire for Arina. Kip said that he couldn't, and wanted to know how. Iblis answered,   

"Getting rid of the desire itself is one solution."   

She then asked Kip if he knew any believers of Kargas's god. Apparently, she heard there was one was in the village. After a long and anguished moment, Kip answered it was Arina. Iblis smirked and said,   

"Now you know how to abandon your desire."    

Arina was persecuted under a false accusation. Kip trembled with fear and regretted his childish impulse that drove his love to death. He directed his rage toward Tornante and Iblis's Priests of God. Convinced that the greatest revenge was to stop Tornante from winning the Iron League, he decided to pretend to follow Iblis.

"Abandon your desires and have peace of mind."


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