Hero Name : Kunoi

Country : Shankrina

Story : 

The daughter of Toma, the leader of the Black Wolf assassins.    

In the Continental War, assassination was a strategy. In the beginning, some Ironsides from the Arena of the Darkness hired themselves out in exchange for large sums of money, but then the mastermind behind them was revealed and political conflicts ensued.    

Each country then started hiring the mysterious Sankrina practitioners. Sankrina practitioners were as strong as Ironsides, but they were a safer choice since their identities were strictly kept in secret.   

The Black Wolves was the most powerful group of Sankrina assassins commanded by Kunoi's father, Toma. The Black Wolves never failed to carry out their missions. To the politicians of Asteria, their name was as good as their bond.   

Toma had a son named Kuma, who was young and already a good killer. In Toma's mind, Kuma was already his heir. But then tragedy befell Toma's family. Kuma died from a mysterious illness, and the next year his wife died giving birth to Kunoi.   

Toma never experienced failure before now, and this devastated him to no end. Toma remembered the dream he had that predicted Kunoi's birth. Everything Kunoi touched disappeared with the wind. He blamed his misery on his daughter and never showed her any affection.   

Growing up, Kunoi tried harder than any other daughter to impress her father, to be loved by him. Soon she became as strong as her father. But Toma remained cold-hearted. He constantly reminded her of her brother who died at least a decade ago, and how much better than her he could've been if he were alive.   

One day Kunoi got ahold of information about a fighting tournament that Tornante gives to select the greatest warrior on the Asteria Continent. She left for the tournament, to prove to her father that she's the only heiress to the Black Wolves.   

"My sword craves your blood."


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