Hero Name : Mamon

Country : Chaos

Story : 

When people are asked "who brought life upon this ground", they will confidently call out the name "Ast." But when they are asked "who brought death upon the living", they don't know the answer. It is all because Mamon, the avatar of death, was forgotten by the tide of time.  

People of Asteria are educated that the Seven Disciples of Ast established the Seven Realms. However, this is only half right. Ast had the eighth disciple Mamon, the one that no one remembers now. He was the brightest of the Eight disciples and the student most loved by his teacher.  

However, with his incomparable amount of knowledge and innate talent, Mamon suddenly began to deny his master's lessons. When his God was teaching the importance of life and harmony, the Eighth disciple sowed the seeds of discord and violence inside the human mind. He was the only one who understood that Ast's creations were nothing but barbaric beasts with short lifespan and weak souls.  

Finally, Mamon rebelled against the creator. With the aid of the seven disciples, Ast defeated him and buried him deep inside the earth. However, he could live no longer since he used up all his power in the battle. With his last teaching, Ast became one with the Asterian continent. Humans became the master of the world. Or at least they believed so...  

Mamon didn't perish. Buried deep inside the abyss of the Unknown Rift, he created his own world of darkness underground and claimed himself a king, the Lord of Hell. And recently, he woke up from his long sleep responding to the uncomfortable atmosphere of Asteria. As his teacher Ast once spreaded the energy of life, Mamon was planning to regain his old power and unleash death upon this miserable world.  

"Death is the essence of life."


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