Hero Name : Meina

Country : Chaos

Story : 

Peaceful Meina was at odds with Iblis, who was the polar opposite of her.   

When the Unknown Rift was first discovered, it was Meina who proposed her order to talk things out with the Wanderers. She believed their existence was God Ast's will, and that it'd been revealed to them, so they could enlighten the aliens with God's teachings.   

Iblis vehemently opposed, but the Pope sided with Meina. He was weary of Iblis's excessive violence that almost cost Bize's life. He appointed Meina leader of the missionary team that was sent out to the Unknown Rift.   

The Wanderers weren't happy to see Meina or her team. Since Gumpert's invasion, they couldn't trust anyone from the other side of the rift.   

Meina was undaunted. She tanned her skin and took off her priestess uniform, just so she could blend in with the Wanderers. She didn't mind looking as primitive as they were, so long as she could get close to them.   At length, she was able to prove to the Wanderers that Tornante was not like the warlike Gumpert. Slowly, the natives 

opened up to her. Meina was so touched by their honest and trusting nature that she swore that she'd protect them at all costs.   

The best way to ensure their safety was to win the Iron League as the Unknown Rift team. Meina persuaded the peaceful Beastkin Pong and the cute dragon hatchling Draga, and together they headed out to the Ast Temple where the Iron League was to be held.    

"I'll protect the Wanderers at all costs!"


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