Hero Name : Olga

Country : Gumpert

Story : 

Child of a Gumpertian officer and a Tornantian woman, Olga was constantly bullied and discriminated in her childhood. Even her father was penalized inside the military for marrying a woman from a hostile nation.

 However, the girl never shed a single drop of tear. Her will was hardened stronger and stronger like an iron as she was looked down upon as “the half-blooded”. Olga enrolled in the cadet school to be an officer just like his father. She could not give up to break the glass ceiling pressing her down. 

As a student, Olga showed remarkable ingenuity in science. Her ability to learn and devise new inventions often awed her fellow cadets and teachers. Some even compared her to Caren of U.I.C. who was regarded as the most renowned scientist of the present era. 

She graduated the cadet school way faster than her colleagues and was commissioned as an officer in technology department. And one day, Olga grasped an opportunity to show her worth in this grim military society. 

A few weeks before the beginning of the 2nd Iron League, the Gumpertian generals were inspecting their arena, the military research center. With an unknown reason, the T-8 Battle Droid deployed there suddenly self-activated and began its rampage. 

Fortunately, Olga was deployed in the facility that day as the tech agent supporting the security mission. She suppressed the rampage of the droid with her newly invented battle drones, saving lives of many including Marshal Jacques. After the incident, the girl became the iconic figure in the Gumpert military corps. Jacques offered Olga to join the Iron League with him, and she accepted it without hesitation. 

“Tactical drones, ready for take-off!”


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