Hero Name : Pong

Country : Chaos

Story : 

A member of the peaceful Beastkin that live in a deep forest, secluded from the rest of the world. His kind rarely goes out of their forest.    

Pong's tribe is so reclusive and secretive, it's not uncommon for others of the world beyond the Unknown Rift to die without knowing that this Beastkin even exists. Everything Pong knew about the outside world was he heard from the grownups of his village. One of them did visit the outside world, but that was centuries ago. Even that amazed Pong. His yearning for the outside world grew by the day. He wanted to see what kinds of races lived out there, and how they looked.   

Then one day, he saw a Gumpert transport ship flying over his head with loud noises. It was his first time seeing anything that was not from his own culture. The excitement from this chance encounter stayed with him for days, and then left him wanting more. So he left home. He left a note to his parents that he would come back after seeing the world for himself.   

Days later, Pong was finally outside his forest and barely able to contain his excitement. He finally met someone of a different race for the first time in his life. It was Meina, leader of the missionary team from Tornante. She was Human. And she was with Draga. She didn't look like the Humans that the grownups of his village told him about, but he was happy nonetheless.   

Pong joined Meina and Draga's journey and heard what they had been through. Everything that his companions experienced was amazing to Pong. He quickly became friends with the other two. Meina suggested he should convert to Tornante's national religion, and he said yes without thinking twice. He didn't know what he agreed to believe in, but it didn't matter. Anything that the kind Meina suggested had to be good. Plus, he wanted to please Meina more than anything. So Pong became the first Wanderer who converted to Tornante's national religion.    

"Poo! Poo! Blow!"


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