Hero Name : Puig

Country : Chaos

Story : 

Puig was a bully. He picked fights with anyone who irritated him and clubbed them to near death without batting an eye. Big and intimidating, he was almost unbeatable in a contest of strength.   

One day, Puig challenged Weretiger Chief Liger to a fight and got soundly beaten. He then swore his fealty to Liger for he'd never seen such a strong Wanderer before. But meeting him didn't change Puig's abusive ways. He still loved bullying those who were weaker than him.   

Then one day his master died fighting the Gumpert invaders. Angry and shocked, he ran to the battlefield and singlehandedly wiped out the remaining forces of Gumpert. Liger's death shook Puig to the core, turning him into a completely different man.   

Having developed a sense of kinship with the other Wanderers, he was no longer the bully he was. He stopped abusing others. Instead, he helped them. As his love for his kind grew, he became worried about losing more brothers like he lost Liger.   

One day, Ax appeared in front of him and told him the only way he could protect the other Wanderers: join the Iron League as a representative of the Unknown Rift and win it.   

"As you wish."


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