Hero Name : Rayshen

Country : Shankrina

Story : 

XinYu, more known as "the Wielder of Thunder", was a renowned swordmaster of Northern Asteria. To Sankrinian fighters, he was a role model and at the same time the biggest obstacle to overcome.  

This was no different for XinYu's disciple, Rayshen. He always challenged his master only to fail. The problem was that the young boy blamed his master's weapon, the Lightning Blade, rather than his immature skills.  

Rayshen's obsession towards the sword grew strong day by day. XinYu wanted to guide his most favored student to the right path. However, his teaching was in vain. Turning the mind of a boy craving for power was as hard as turning the tide of a river.  

The time passed swiftly. The master became old and weak while the boy grew. One day, Rayshen challenged XinYu just like the other days. Normally the old man would refuse. Rayshen didn't care if he did. He attacked his master recklessly and lose all the same. Same old pattern until today.  

But this time, XinYu accepted his disciple's challenge. He had to admit: his time has come. The master didn't block the disciple's strike. With one blow of a sword the duel has ended, and the old swordman took his last breath after he handed his Lightning Blade to Rayshen.  

It was an obvious outcome. XinYu was too old. But this obvious victory brought to Rayshen only shame. It was... too easy. The sense of grasping the master's blade was meaningless and shallow. Not being able to bear the void in his heart, Rayshen started his long wandering with his master's sword held tight in his waist.  

He walked south, but without a specific destination. He walked until he couldn't even remember why he started this pilgrimage. And when he reached Tornante, the breaking news pierced through his heart: the 2nd Iron League has begun.  

That was when he recalled his purpose of life. What he hungered for was the true meaning of power, the weight of a rightful victory. The boy headed to the arena right away, believing that the victory he claims against the mighty ironsides of the continent will not be as light as the one against his master.  

"I am the true successor of my master's blade!"


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