Hero Name : Rouis

Country : UIC

Story : 

During the Continental War, U.I.C. and Gumpert each spent a lot of time and money on developing powerful weapons. Thelma and Rouis were the defense industry spies who thrived during this period. Every warring country wanted Thelma and Rouis. It was said that having one of them was as good as having half the military information of the enemy.   

They were popular, but so secretive that it was impossible to find any information about them. U.I.C. and Gumpert spared no effort to locate Thelma and Rouis, and only U.I.C. was able to locate Rouis after a lot of time and effort.   

After a painstaking negotiation, U.I.C. recruited Rouis in exchange for a large sum of money. Rouis sold all the important military information of Gumpert to U.I.C. Some of the technologies he sold were even developed by himself. He was a great scientist, and he would do anything for money. He had another alias: Thelma—the two were the same person all along.   

While working at McClean Research Center, Rouis succeeded in captivating Caren with his charm. In spite of herself, Caren became dependent on him for many things. When she became too busy with investigating the Unknown Rift, she trusted him with her research center. Having seized the opportunity of lifetime, he stole all the core technologies and related documents that the research center owned.   

Rouis had stolen core military technologies from both Gumpert and U.I.C. and used them to develop his own weapon. He left McClean Research Center and Caren, not caring about breaking her heart.   

"There's nothing in the world that money can't buy."


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