Hero Name : San

Country : Gumpert

Story : The most elite member of Gumpert's special forces, T.A.S.   

Gumpert's special forces, T.A.S, were vital in the Fifteenth Continental War. The best among them was San, who never failed to accomplish his missions. He was trusted by his peers as well as his superiors.   

He loved fighting so much that he secretly wished against peace. When a truce was reached, his life lost meaning. He quickly grew bored from the repetitive training. In the end, he didn't see any reason to stay in the Army, so he left and lived in seclusion on a deep mountain.   

Then, someone reached out to San. He was Jacques, the commander-in-chief of the Gumpert Armies. He thought of San before everyone else while organizing the Iron League. He was necessary to showcase Gumpert's military superiority to all the other states. San was excited when Jacques called him out of his seclusion. Finally, he could escape from his routine life.   

"For the glory of great Gumpert!"


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