Hero Name : Solio

Country : Tornante

Story : 

Solio was born in a slum, but he grew into a great knight and rose through the ranks to become the guard captain of the Pope. Later, he received the Sun's Shield and became known as the Holy Knight.    

Solio first impressed the Pope when he made a tour around the slums. Just out of a war, Tornante was plagued by poverty, and the Pope always paid attention to the poor. He delivered God's messages to them, gave them food, and spread a message of love. He was always surrounded by dozens of bodyguards, but even they couldn't control the crowds that gathered to see the Pope.    

People always wanted to see the Pope, and that gave the assassins of the fallen Kargas a window of opportunity.

The Kargasians were a major nuisance to Tornante. They were conquered by Tornante, but they refused to convert to their new country's religion. Unable to absorb the Kargas completely, Tornante oppressed its people by force. It didn't show mercy to those who denied the ultimate God Ast.    

The Kargasians refused to put up with the unfair treatment. They made an attempt on the Pope's life during a moment of weakness in his security. He survived the unforeseen attack, but he had to run, with his Kargasian assassins hot on his heels.    

Soon he found himself facing his would-be killers, with no way out. Then, Solio suddenly appeared and singlehandedly took on the assassins. The bloody fight left Solio gravely injured, but the Pope was unharmed. 

With the Pope's implicit trust in him, Solio joined the first Iron League as the leader of the Tornante team and won the league. He gave credit for this unexpected victory to the members of his team and the people of Tornante. Even though he was born poor, he grew up into a great hero and became admired by everyone in Tornante.    

"Come on, I can take you all on!"


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