Hero Name : Sonoku

Country : Chaos

Story : 

Most Wanderers avoided to contact human beings coming to the Unknown Rift, but there were some exceptions. The Monkey Clan welcomed the scientists from the U.I.C. and established a positive relationship with them.  

One of the expedition reports of Caren's McClean Industry talks about the clan leader who was somewhat different from his subjects. Unlike the ordinary monkey wanderers who had brown fur, his body shined mystically with bright white fur. And he was also wearing a golden ring that looked like a crown to show that he was the leader. This is the Iron Gear's first record of Sonoku, the king of the Monkey Clan.  

And one day, this white monkey shows up in U.I.C. Caren was the one who brought him from the Unknown Rift. When she found Sonoku, his white fur was messed up and his silk dress was tattered. There was no way to find out what happened, but Caren took him to U.I.C.  

The president also welcomed Sonoku anyway as the leader of the foreign nation. But it was impossible to contain him in one place. After all, he was a monkey. Avoiding the security guards, Sonoku stole Arthur's old clothes and escaped from the President House. He was brought back to the McCleans lab a while later when he was arrested after the reckless rampage in the middle of the city.  

After the capture, the government of U.I.C. discussed how to deal with the Wanderer. Some said they should deport him. Some said he can be a good specimen of the McClean Facility's experiment. While the parliamental debate went on, the president secretly visits Sonoku in captivity. Impressed by the monkey wanderer's strength and agility, Arthur suggested him to join the Iron League on U.I.C.'s side. The young president believed that he could use Sonoku's power to fight against Ax and his followers from the Unknown Rift.


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