Hero Name : Thanatos

Country : Chaos

Story : 

The Ancients were the most powerful creatures that the ultimate God Ast had ever created.   

An old tome in Asteria contains information about these beings who are believed to have long been extinct, and they were the Ancients. According to this tome, the mysterious buildings that stand here and there on the Asteria Continent were built by the Ancients.   

The archaeologists who studied these buildings made a shocking discovery: they were built long before mankind emerged, and those who built them were more scientifically advanced than modern humans. But the archaeologists were too proud to accept that, so they named these beings the Ancients, and claimed that they went extinct simply because they naturally failed to survive. The archaeologists had to cover up that the ancients were in fact the most intelligent and strongest creatures of the ultimate God Ast.   

The ancients achieved a brilliant civilization without help from Ast. They advanced so rapidly that even their creator Ast felt threatened. That is why Ast created a deadly disease to kill them off. The few surviving ancients disappeared completely, afraid that Ast might find and condemn them to the same fate as the others. They sneaked into the darkest part behind the Unknown Rift and stayed there.   

It took them a long time before they realized their creator Ast disappeared. This meant they didn't have to hide any longer. The Asteria Continent was now ruled by mankind, the spitting image of the ancients, but not as intelligent or strong. Ast didn't want them to threaten him like his previous creations.   

Thanatos united the other Ancients that lived scattered beyond the Unknown Rift, and together they returned to the human realm, to reclaim Asteria.   

"Morak namata."


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