Hero Name : Tristan

Country : Tornante

Story : 

Tristan grew up with Kip and Arina. After they came of age, he and Arina got married. When he was ordered away on a mission to subjugate the remnants of the Kargas Army, he hesitated, worried about his wife who was naturally weak. But she assured him that she would be okay, and the Holy See promised that he would be back home in a year.   

But the subjugation campaign took longer because of the remnants' dogged resistance, dragging the conflict on for years. When his mission was finally accomplished, Tristan hurried home, but what awaited him was horrific. His house was burned to the ground, and his wife was nowhere to be seen.   

Frantic, Tristan asked around about what had happened. The villagers told him that Iblis and her Priests of God killed Arina. Trembling with anger, Tristan asked why. The villagers said she was found guilty of believing in the god of Kargas. He wailed,   

"I'm her husband. I would've known!"    

The villagers said that a statuette of the Kargas god was found among her father's keepsakes. It had to be a misunderstanding. Arina's father never left her any statuette. He collapsed to the ground, weeping.  

He wanted to know who made up this lie, and the villagers told him a familiar name: Kip. He remembered how Kip tried to kill him while he was on the subjugation campaign. Then he knew what happened—Kip wanted both of them dead! His face contorted with anger, Tristan went after the Priests of God.  

When he heard that they were participating in the Iron League, he joined too.  

"God has forsaken me. It's not the other way round!"


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