Hero Name : Trout

Country : UIC

Story : 

The heir to the multi-million corporation DEX, Trout started boxing just to experience the "hungry mindset." Growing up wanting for nothing, he was far from any type of hunger, but he discovered his gift for boxing through this experience.   

He easily beat boxers in higher weight classes. He moved up one weight class after another, and it didn't take long before he conquered all the weight classes. Famous and wealthy, Trout was arrogant and always looked down his nose at everyone else.   

Bianka, however, taught him there was something that he couldn't buy for all the money in the world. One day, the traffic on the road in front of his house was heavier than usual. He looked out and saw Bianka. He instantly fell in love with her beautiful blond hair, flawless skin, and sensual curves.   

He courted her every chance he got, but Bianka didn't give him the time of day. He even got into an accident on his way to her once, and she just arrested him without saying a word. When he wouldn't stop harassing her, she said,   

"Trout, I hate people like you who think they are better than others."    

Trout had his secretary find out Bianka was an avid fan of Alexander, a goodhearted man and football legend. Deeply hurt, he made DEX TV buy all the broadcasting rights of football games and exclude them from broadcast schedules. He thought that would discourage Bianka's interest in Alexander.   

He was wrong. First, he heard that Alexander was contending in the Iron League, which was much more popular than football, and then he heard that Bianka, whom he hadn't seen for a while, would also fight in the league.   

Trout thought she joined the Iron League to meet Alexander. He had to do something. He decided that he would knock the stuffing out of Alexander in front of Bianka, so she would finally acknowledge him.   

"Psst! Psst! These sounds aren't coming from my mouth."


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