Hero Name : Vella

Country : Tornante

Story : 

Inexorable Vella never misses her quarry. She was so good at hunting that she lost interest in it quickly when she was unable to find something worth hunting.   

Then, she heard about the discovery of the Unknown Rift. The news excited her to no end. She felt that it was going to be a special hunting experience like no other. She didn't waste time joining Meina's missionary team.

All day, she thought about how to hunt the alien forces called the Wanderers. But her leader Meina sternly reminded her that the Wanderers were not to be hunted—they were to be enlightened. Vella would be tried by the Ecclesiastical Court if she caused them harm in any way. Vella was stubborn, but even she couldn't disobey Priestess Meina. She quickly lost interest in the Wanderers, now that she couldn't hunt them.   

The boring expedition continued until the day Meina told her something extraordinary: a dragon, which was believed to be long extinct, had been discovered. The two of them were to go meet it because no one could control it. Vella's heart beat so hard that she thought it might burst open.   

"A dragon? I thought they were the stuff of legend! Haven't all of them turned into fossils?"   

Barely able to suppress her excitement, Vella went with Meina to meet the dragon.   

Draga was a hatchling, and his cute, delicate appearance belied his destructive power. Each playful swipe of his forepaw was powerful enough to break bones. Vella couldn't believe this dragon was still a baby!   

Meina warned her not to do anything stupid, but Vella let it go in one ear and out the other. She wanted to know if dragon's scales were really impenetrable like legend said. Everyone was still asleep when she woke up that morning. She quietly picked up her crossbow and went out to find Draga.   

"I will be the one who hunts you!"


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