Hero Name : XiangYu

Country : Shankrina

Story : 

A direct descendant of Wanyu, a great warlord and the founder of the Shao family. He is matchless with the Dragon Halberd in his hand.    

The Shaos are one of the oldest families in Sankrina, and they pursued enlightenment through martial arts. Their forefather Wanyu was such a great martial artist that he was given the name of War God. But even he couldn't resist the ravages of time.   

When he realized his days were numbered, he decided it was time to select his heir and set up a condition that was shockingly unconventional, yet reasonable: any Shao had a chance at becoming the next leader, if they could beat the others in a contest of strength.    

Wanyu's children protested, but they couldn't change their father's mind. The Shaos lived to pursue strength, and strength was their law. Time passed. The Shaos' martial arts continued to advance without stagnating. Their leader changed constantly, but without conflict because everyone was given a fair chance at the leadership. When the former leaders lost, they had no regret, having given it their best.    

Again time passed. Wanyu's direct descendants finally had reclaimed the family leadership. Having the warlord's blood in them, they were born with a superior physique and could endure the intense training courses more easily than their cousins.   

XiangYu was the son of the current leader and considered the closest in resemblance to the War God. His martial art skills were a source of wonder to all who saw them. It was the unspoken truth among younger generations of the Shaos that he would be their next leader. XiangYu hoped they were right. He wanted to become a great leader like his father, until he came across a Black Wolf assassin that his uncle sicced on his father.   

"What is it about the leadership that has reduced such a great man to fratricide?"   

He became wary of the frightening power of the leadership. At the same time, he felt drawn to Kunoi, the assassin who tried to kill his father. She was stronger than anyone he'd seen. They exchanged less than a dozen blows, but he was never so nervous in a fight before.   

XiangYu couldn't help but admire her and want to get to know her. He was looking for her, wanting a rematch, when he heard she had joined the Iron League. Immediately he left his home to follow her.   

"I'm a direct descendant of the War God—I can't lose!"


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