Hero Name : Yeri

Country : Gumpert

Story : The only female member of the male-dominant organization, Gumpert Youth Corps.   

Only male teenagers were eligible to enter this corps, but she loved fighting so much that she applied for it, disguised as her brother. The training course is rigorous enough to make a grown man collapse, but she passed with flying colors. She later got in trouble when her true gender was revealed, but she was such a great athlete and sharpshooter that the Army decided to keep her.   

Yeri had taught herself how to fight and survive since she was thirteen. While others her age went to school and played with others, Yeri moved from one battlefield to another. To her, battlefields were her playground and school for her true vocation. She was more disappointed than anyone else when a truce was reached, but she decided to stay in the Army, hoping that another war would break out one day.   

She was alone in a bar, drinking beer, when an old soldier named Hanold took a seat next to her and started bragging about his days in the army. Yeri called him a drunken blowhard, making the drunk man bristle at her insolent remarks.   

Yeri suggested to him that they should see who is the better sapper. Indignant at this young girl's provocation, Hanold accepted the challenge. About half a minute into the contest, Yeri finished reassembling her gun and pointed it at his head.   

"Old blowhard, you would've been dead if this gun was real. Bang! Today's your lucky day."  

 Yeri sneered at Hanold and turned around. She saw the League leaflet in a corner of the bar, tore it off the wall, and put it in her jacket.   

"Most men just can't handle me."


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